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Il nostro profumo è realizzato a mano a Los Angeles utilizzando alcool puro per uso alimentare, puro biologico oli essenziali e acqua... Per saperne di più Per saperne di più

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    Il nostro profumo è realizzato a mano a Los Angeles utilizzando alcool puro per uso alimentare, puro biologico oli essenziali e acqua di sorgente.

    I profumi possono andare a male velocemente. Per offrirti un prodotto fresco produciamo il nostro profumo in piccoli lotti nel nostro negozio DTLA e li teniamo refrigerati fino all'acquisto. I nostri ingredienti naturali sono ssicuro sulla pelle.  

    Il profumo è unisex, incarna l'essenza del legno affumicato e del cuoio.  

    La miscela è creata con la massima qualità di ingredienti grezzi e naturali. Nessun prodotto chimico artificiale.

    Certificato non OGM, vegano e privo di parabeni, DPG, glicoli, prodotti petrolchimici, ftalati, additivi artificiali, coloranti sintetici o sostanze chimiche nocive.

    Cardamomo, Papiro, Muschio, Sandalo.

    • Realizzato con olio essenziale puro al 100%.
    • Realizzato con alcool alimentare puro al 100%, prodotto negli Stati Uniti. 
    • Fatto a mano a Los Angeles, USA.
    • Viene fornito in una bottiglia di vetro resistente ai raggi UV e uno spruzzatore.
    • 100% non tagliato, puro, sicuro per la pelle.
    • Concentrazione del 30% di fragranza per la massima durata. 

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 5 reviews
    Xavier (Longwood, US)
    Beautiful Unisex Scent Not Overwhelming And Very Attractive

    I was a Project Manager for one of the big 3 scent manufacturers in the world, hint I worked for the US based one. RT has done an amazing job with Violet. Certainly notes of leather and sandalwood are prominent. I swear there are subtle tones of vanilla and some form of a currant or similar berry. The perfume is light enough not to overpower and can be applied liberally if you desire a stronger scent. The middle notes and bottom notes remain present, but light- the way you would want if you were meeting someone, being smelled, and as the night goes on getting close and still being smellable, but the other other person wanting to pull you closer to smell again. As stated on their web page, scents actually go bad or lose their top notes in time so being created in small batches and distributed fresh is key to a better user experience. Their percentage oil/ alcohol at around 30% is generous. Most scents are mixed at 6-12% This is very pleasing and I highly recommend. Nice job RT!

    Hello Xavier,

    Thank you for taking the time to share your detailed and insightful review of our RT N° 838 - Violet Perfume. We truly appreciate your expertise and the thorough analysis of the scent. It's wonderful to hear your positive feedback, especially considering your background as a Project Manager in the fragrance industry.

    We're delighted to know that you find the Violet perfume to be a beautiful. Your description perfectly captures the essence of the fragrance and its delicate layers.

    We take great pride in creating our scents in small batches to ensure freshness and longevity. Your recognition of our effort and the generous oil/alcohol percentage is greatly appreciated. Your recommendation means a lot to us, and we're thrilled to have provided you with a pleasing experience.

    If you ever have any more feedback to share or if there's anything else we can assist you with, please feel free to reach out. Thank you for choosing our perfume, and we look forward to serving you again in the future.

    Best regards,

    Customer Support Team

    Eric Mckain (Fontana, US)
    Eric Mckain 🪘🪘🪘🪘

    Great fragrance I love it downside it could last longer

    Hello Eric,

    Thank you for your feedback! We're delighted to hear that you love our fragrance. Your satisfaction is our priority. We appreciate your input regarding the longevity, and rest assured, we value your opinion. We constantly strive to improve our products, and your feedback is incredibly valuable in that process. To strike a balance between a captivating aroma and lasting power, we use a 30% concentration of fragrance in our perfume.

    If you have any further questions, concerns, or if there's anything else we can assist you with, please don't hesitate to reach out. We're here to ensure you have the best experience with our products.

    Best regards,
    Juan - Lead Stylist

    Trevor Watson (Melbourne, AU)
    Great scent.

    With a subtle masculine scent which last for a long time on.

    Travis Stanton
    Incredible scent!

    I own both this and the essential oil (identical scent). They are both incredible products, and the scent is unlike anything else (and I own over 100 colognes). You will literally CRAVE this scent. It's addictive and totally unisex.

    Mario Gibson (Forrest City, US)
    Violet Perfume

    I love the soft lasting smell. Thanks