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We acknowledge that communities thrive on the commitment, hard work, and distinctive contributions of their members. As a token of our appreciation, we are delighted to extend the Give Back discount to certain groups.



    The Cadet Program stands as a beacon of community-based crime prevention, dedicated to empowering youth aged 13 to 17. Focused on the fundamental principles of Leadership, Academic Excellence, Ethical and Wise Decision-Making, and Community Stewardship, the program strives to unleash the personal and academic potential of young individuals. Recognized as the LAPD's premier youth initiative, the Cadet Program has demonstrated remarkable resilience over the years. We take immense pride in our partnership with the Los Angeles Police Cadet Scholarship Foundation and our local Newton Police Station. Together, we have tailored and donated wool suits to graduates from disadvantaged schools under their guidance. These suits are specifically crafted and provided to police cadets within our neighboring Unified School District, including institutions like Jefferson High School. Through this collaboration, we aim to support and uplift the next generation, promoting a sense of pride and purpose within our community.
  • 15K veterans fashion giveaway

    We've collaborated with Iris Marie Carthan, a member of a military family, and Dr. Larry W. Carter to coordinate a military fashion giveaway event for our veterans and service personnel at McChord Air Force Base in Washington State.
  • We partnered with Mr. Timothy O'Rawe from the Excel Program (formerly known as Jobs For Florida’s Graduates at to contribute new clothing items. Excel stands out as an outstanding educational platform that fosters students' personal and academic growth, equipping them for the professional realm. The foundation's mission, guiding students from education to employment, is demonstrated through various student activities such as community service, anti-bullying initiatives, and career readiness programs extending beyond high school.
  • To Ron Tomson;

    I am writing to you on behalf of Spanaway Lake High School: Sentinel Resource Room (SRC) to thank you for helping reduce the barriers of students and families with your recent donation of clothing. Our vision and mission is that our community comes together to uplift and support each other in times of need. -Trina Hall Family Resource Coordinator/LAP Spanaway Lake High School
  • Kids In The Spotlight

    Since 2009, Kids In The Spotlight (KITS) has empowered over 850 youth from foster care backgrounds, enabling them to create over 85 films. Through KITS, these young individuals are provided complete control to share their narratives authentically. They write, cast, and star in their own short films, giving them a platform to express their stories in their unique ways. Each year, this creative journey reaches its peak at our annual KITS Film Awards, held on the first Saturday of November. During this event, we celebrate these remarkable films on the silver screen, akin to our version of the Academy Awards. We are honored to acknowledge Ron Tomson as a proud sponsor of Kids In The Spotlight, generously contributing youth prom suits and supporting our mission to amplify the voices of young individuals in foster care through the art of filmmaking.
  • Freedom Loving Youth - FLY

    Founded in 2012, Freedom Loving Youth (FLY) is committed to changing the lives of orphans and underprivileged children across the globe. FLY's mission centers on aiding neglected children who endure extreme poverty, abuse, illness, and injustice. Dedicated FLY volunteers work tirelessly to assist children facing dire circumstances. At the heart of our organization is the belief that every child, regardless of their situation, deserves a life free from suffering. We view it as humanity's responsibility to support the less fortunate and offer these children the chance to realize their fullest potential. Ron Tomson proudly sponsors FLY in this noble endeavor.

    Bishop Virgil D. Patterson Sr. is a multifaceted individual, serving as a pastor, musician, clothier, educator, and gifted orator, while also overseeing the Crusade Christian Faith Center. We take great pride in supporting and partnering with Bishop Virgil. Together, we have made significant contributions by providing new clothing to individuals emerging from challenging circumstances, offering them a fresh start and a renewed sense of hope.
  • California Fashion Foundation (CFF)

    We support industry scholarships for aspiring apparel and textile professionals. Our contributions to Operation School Bell provide clothing and grooming products to underprivileged students. Additionally, we fund art, music, and academic programs, benefiting children from apparel industry families, promoting education and enrichment in our community.

    The Los Angeles County Economic Development Corporation is a nonprofit organization focused on equitable economic growth in the Los Angeles region. We use research to advance key industries, provide business assistance, collaborate with educational institutions to develop a robust workforce, and provide government officials with economic data to ensure the continued growth of L.A. County. Ron Tomson is a proud member of the LAEDC

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