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Giacca da smoking con risvolto a punta in velluto Kennedy - Nero

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Terrence McKee
Eye Catching Hoodie- In Leather No Less !

You won’t go unnoticed in this fuchsia leather hoodie . . . Beautiful quality at a great price- It’s a winner !


Love it

A++, Recommended. Amazing Craftsmanship and Style: Ron Tomson's Genuine Leather Hooded Sweatshirt...

I recently had the pleasure of purchasing the genuine leather hooded sweatshirt/jacket with an eye-catching shade of Orange from Ron Tomson in Los Angeles, and I must say that it has exceeded all my expectations. This remarkable garment has not only become one of my personal favorites, but it has also become a conversation starter wherever I go.
The first thing that struck me about this jacket is its exceptional quality. It is crafted with utmost attention to detail and the meticulous craftsmanship is evident, showcasing Ron Tomson's dedication to making unparalleled quality and excellent products.

What truly sets this jacket apart is its uniqueness and style. The vibrant shade of Orange is a bold statement in itself, capturing attention and turning heads wherever I go. The hoodie adds a touch of coolness and fashion effortlessly.

One of the most remarkable aspects of owning a Ron Tomson creation is the constant stream of compliments I get. Countless times, I've been approached by strangers who are captivated by the jacket's striking appearance. People often ask me where I bought it, and I take great pleasure in sharing the name of the iconic Ron Tomson brand.

If there is one thing I would suggest, it is that Ron Tomson creates the same jacket in an awesome shade of blue. I would undoubtedly be the first in line to add it to my collection.

Ron Tomson has undoubtedly secured its place as my go-to LA destination for fashion-forward, and high-quality clothing.

Edward Tames

Awesome jacket!!!

Brent Muirhead
Brown Leather Sweatshirt

This is actually my fourth Ron Tomson hooded sweatshirt that I have purchased from this company. They are excellent looking and quite comfortable. I have received numerous compliments on the sweatshirts and some people actually ask me if I am famous. I match the sweatshirt with DrMartens, watches and dress shirts.

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